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Nail Enhancements 

Nail Enhancements 

Gel Manicure

Color Gel

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(Also known as Shellac, Gel, and Soft Gel)

Gel polish basically provides a stronger and longer lasting look than regular polish. Gel polish lasting lifespan can be between 7-14 days depending on the client’s lifestyle. The application process consists of performing a regular manicure, applying gel polish, and cure under LED/UV lamp. Unlike regular polish, gel polish is dried immediately so there is no chance of it messing up after the service is done.


Our gel manicure is suitable for the following reasons or clients:

  • Next best natural alternative other than regular polish for color

  • Provides a flexible layer over the nails giving it a natural look

  • Easily removeable with acetone

  • Can be requested for hand-filed instead of drill

  • Free hand nail art is available for gel manicures.

  • Ombre look cannot be achieved with gel manicure

  • Extension and fake tips cannot be added to gel manicure.

Dipping Powder Manicure



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The differences between dip powder vs acrylic:

    • dip powder particles are manufacturer to be finer with color pigmentation mixed in

    • Application process

    • Refill/new set


Clients often asked which one is healthier? We would suggest selecting an enhancement that fits your lifestyle best. The application process of

dip powder is applied by dipping nails into the powder to coat with color and using several bonding agents to help build the protective layers on top of your natural nail beds. Manicure is not included, but can be added on for a fee. Clients are free to add tips if desired for extra length.


For additional pricing, we recommend adding our more extensive manicures to your dip powder for hand massages and a full experience.



Our dip powder is suitable for the following reasons or clients:

  • Dip is recommended for people who like a stronger layer on top of their natural nails and having color nails that last for more than 2 weeks.

  • For clients looking for a protective coat and to prevent breaking their natural nails.

  • For clients who wants an alternative way to offset nail biting

  • For clients who want longer nails compared to the standard length, we would recommend doing acrylic to provide stronger coverage.

  • Provides a perfect surface for applying nail color

  • Can be applied directly on top of your natural nails

  • Fake tips can be added for length and provide an even length/shape look

  • Unlike acrylic, Dip cannot be refilled. We must completely remove the set and apply a new one.

  • Must be removed by soaking off in acetone


Acrylic Manicure

Acrylic Full Set 
Acrylic Fill 



Acrylic is a traditional way to achieve nail enhancement. It is designed to provide a hard artificial layer over natural nails. The process is applying acrylic powder using a brush sweep in liquid monomer (the purple liquid) to create a bead of powder to build over the nails. For an additional charge, we recommend adding cuticle trim + hand massage for the full experience.


Our acrylic is suitable for the following reasons or clients:

  • Acrylic is for clients looking to wear longer nails, extensive designs, and are harder on their nails.

  • The most durable type of nail enhancement is acrylic.

  • The removal process of acrylic is important to the health of the nail beds by fully soaking it in acetone and it is a longer process

           (additional fee will apply for acrylic soak off).

  • Refills can be performed on acrylic nails only for the following reasons:

      • If the nail beds are applicable for a refill

      • Durability/reliability of your existing set

      • Color acrylic can only be filled with the same color or light to dark shade of color (cannot go dark to light)

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