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Blue Lagoon Manicure


Benefits: Quick clean up, short on time


Includes: Hand soak, cuticle trim, nail shaping, cutting, lotion, light massage, and polish.

Mint Mojito 


Benefits: Your hand treatment starts with cleaning the nail beds and softening the cuticle in our minty soak. Our gentle sugar scrub exfoliate helps cleanse and brighten the skin. Maximize your relaxation with our hands and arms massage.


Includes: Warm hand soak, cuticle trim, nail shaping, cutting, sugar scrub exfoliation + lotion, warm aromatic hand wrap, 8-minute hands and arms massage, and polish.

Espresso Martini


Benefits: Your hands will thank you later! Aloe vera benefits: soothes the skin, slows down the aging process, reduces dark spots, and provides glowing skin! Our hot stones in our massage will promote sleeping, reduce anxiety, and relieve muscle tensions.


Includes: Warm milk hand soak, cuticle trim, nail shaping + cutting, sugar scrub exfoliation + lotion, warm aromatic hand wrap,

6-minute hand massage, 6-minute shoulder massage with hot stone, and polish.

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Blushing Rose Bubbles


Benefits: This is the best of the best! Our amazing rose mud mask wrap will be sure to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin. To take it up to another level, we penetrate the skin by applying paraffin wax to enhance your complexion glow. Our shoulder massage relieves the tight knots from your day-to-day activities.


Includes: Hand soak with dead sea salt, cuticle trim, nail shaping, cutting, sugar scrub exfoliation + lotion, aromatic hand wrap, neck warmer, 7-minute hand massage with coconut oil, 8-minute shoulder massage , paraffin wax, and polish.

Aloe is the century plant, rannik, Sabur

Aloe & Honey

Polish Manicure






Aloe vera & honey is an excellent natural moisturizer with active properties to help heal and provide skin elasticity. This treatment will leave your skin feeling deep cleanse and refreshed. Includes foot soak in milk bath, all nail care treatment, extra calluses treatment, honey sugar scrub, fresh aloe vera slices for exfoliating, honey-milk cream mask with hot towel wraps, warm paraffin wax, and a relaxing 20-minute leg & feet HOT Stone massage with varying pressure. Collagen socks will also provide a silky-smooth feel to your feet and strengthen skin elasticity.   Your choice of our popular 10-Free formula polish. 

Blushing Rose Bubbles - LIMITED


Benefits: Cheers to life! Life is full of ups and downs, but this pedicure treatment is full of amazing ups to eliminate the downs! The bath bag is full of fizz to help cleanse and detox the pores by driving out oils, dirt, and other impurities. Our 30-minute massage with coconut oil will be sure to melt away all your stress and leave you feeling restored with silky smooth skin.


Includes: Infused bath bag filled with dead sea salt crystals + rose petals for the foot soak, nail shaping + cleaning, extra cuticle + callus care treatment, rose sugar scrub + rose scented lotion, warm towel foot wrap, 30 minute of foot massage with coconut oil, paraffin wax, 6 hot stones, collagen socks, neck wraps, and polish.

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